The ulfkasta is an ancient dog breed that predates even the Barduan Empire.  They are known for their remarkable size, long legs, and shaggy coat.


The precise history of the ulfkasta is unknown.  The breed is believed to pre-date the Barduan Empire, but as few records from this period exist, it is difficult to confirm this.  The ulfkasta were traditionally used as hunting dogs and their name, which means "wolf hunter" reflects this.  It is unlikely these dogs actually hunted wolves - current breeders speculate they may have been used to hunt deer instead - and that portion of their name may refer to their wolfish size.

Ulfkasta remained popular after the fall of the Bardu empire and were adopted by the T'chaillish, who call them wolf hounds.  They continue their roll as hunting dogs, but may also be used as guard dogs of sorts.  They are generally a gentle breed, but their great size is often enough to frighten off would-be attackers.