The T'chail is the leader of the T'chailldom.  He is a god-king, child of Sut'chaan, the sun god, but also the god incarnate.  It is believed that in ancient times, the god may actually have possessed his son at times but today the possession is largely symbolic (similar to the way in which the T'chail "possesses" the land).

The term comes from the old Bardu in which "sut'ch" means bright, "-a" is a suffix denoting greatness, and "il" means child of.  In Bardu, the T'chail's official title would be something like "sut'cha il leu" or bright child of sun.

Heirs ApparentEdit

Unlike most monarchies, birth order means little in determining the heir apparent.  Instead, what matters is whether the offspring is a suitable host for the god.  In ancient times, the primary sign of suitability was magical talent, but as magic weakened, the Tchaillish came to rely on a more physical sign: blonde hair.

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