The Shen are an ethnic group believed to be indiginous to Belantos .  They became the dominant power in Belantos during the Belantine Civil War, overthrowing the Zan Empire which had help power in Belantos since the fall of the Zanskine Republic.  The precise number of Shen is unknown because many Belantines of mixed heritage claim Shen ancestry.


According to Shen legend, the Shen are the children of the sea.  When they came of age, their mother sent them up onto the land.  They walked out of the waters to the west, bringing with them great houses made of whale bone and sea shells, and lived on the beaches of the world for many generations.

Their true origin is unclear, though it seems likely that they were once a sea-faring people, possibly trading in whale ivory and mother-of-pearl.


The Shen are the ethnic majority within Belantos, inhabiting all but the northernmost regions.  Prior to the Belantine Civil War, their populations were concentrated in the capital cities of Zanesko, Kovar, and Anajes.