Leu, Sut'chaan is the T'chaillish creator god and head of the T'chailish pantheon.  He is worshiped as the bestower of life as well as the bringer of magic, and his symbol is the sun.  


Leu's title, Sut'chaan, means Bright One.  Because of this, he is generally depicted as a clean-shaven olive-skinned man with golden-hair.  He may, rarely, be depicted as a youth, but never as an older man.  This is because old age is the province of his wife, Aetha Zidaan.

Leu's personality varies from tale to tale.  At times, he is shown as a kind, benevolent father, who shares magic with his human children out of love for them.  In other stories, Leu is rather tyrannical, such as when he orders the T'chaillish to make war against Aetha and rebels.  It is also noteworthy that in Bardu legend, Leu is the one who rebels and Aetha is the one who attempts to put down his rebellion.


Surprisingly, both T'chaillish and Bardu legend place the T'chai as the human descendents of Leu's eldest human son.  The T'chai are effectually god-kings and head up both the government and the church.