Fal'fahraan is the Bardu-Tchaillish Goddess of the Night Sky.  She is sometimes depicted as a butterfly with starry wings.  At other times, she appears as a winged woman wearing a starry tunic.

Fal'fahraan is responsible for conducting Aetha's bark across the sky each night.  Beyond that, her identity is unclear.  Depending on which version of the legend you choose to believe, her passengers may consist of dreamers, the newly dead, or the gods themselves.  She is either an aspect of Aetha or the goddess's daughter.  In some stories she has no father, in others her father is a mortal man named Marn.  Because of this jumbled origin, some scholars believe that Fal'fahraan represents the amalgamation of multiple gods.  This is further supported by the fact that, unlike most deities of  Bardu origin whose names simply refer to the concept they represent, Fal'fahraan's name appears to be a compound word.  The most likely compound is fal'fahr raan (butterfly night), but others argue it might actually be fial faraan (small city-like boat).