The Duleu Aiai (Daughters of Leu) are a radical feminist sect that is moderately popular amoung middle class T'chaillishwomen.  They hold that Leu's words have been misinterpreted by the various (male) authority figures in order to validate a varity of misogynistic policied implemented by said (male) authority figures.

Tenants of the Duleu AiaiEdit

The Duleu Aiai are largely supportive of mainstream T'chaillish religion but differ on a few key points.  They believe:

  1. That sut'cha il leu is not gender-specific, thus some of Leu's early children were duleu aiai.  
  2. That Aetha neither ran away to Mor'fusdom nor was banished there by Leu.  Instead, that realm was always hers and her marriage to Leu was a political one allying the two kingdoms.
  3. That unlike modern ladies, Aetha is more than a helpmeet or a figurehead.  Following the god's example means allowing women to inherit and manage property.
  4. That it is impossible for any man to bring about life without the help of a woman, therefore Cern and Cerne are the children of Aetha and Leu together as opposed to Leu alone, but
  5. That Fal'fahraan was begotten of Aetha without help from any man but came to term in the dark of the moon, when the night sky fills the moon-bark.

Duleu Aiai vs Barduan FaithEdit

Despite a shared esteem for the goddesses of the Bardu-T'chaillish pantheon, the Duleu Aiai oppose the Bardish itteration of the Faith, largely because the Bards hold that Aetha and her ilk are not true gods, merely powerefully mercurial beings whom they call the Wild Kin.  Furthermore, the Duleu Aiai hold that Leu is the rightful head of the pantheon because he created men and gave them the gift of magic.