Dubardell (dubardu farell) is a Bardu town located on the south eastern edge of the Kestian Mountains (kestiai drocatarash or "shattered mountians") which mark the northern border of the T'chailldom.  It is home to a large population of Bards and as well as T'chaillishmen.


Dubardell was founded by Bardu refugees following the fall of Dubarda.  Though officially a farming town, the Bardu inhabitants never completely adopted a pastoral lifestyle, but continued to practice their various physical and magical arts.  Nor was the population ever completely Bardish.  The Besalt Valley (mirell zoibesan or "grassy valley") was home to a few T'chaillish/Bardu farmers prior to the arrival of the more urban Dubardan refugees.

Current DayEdit

Dubardell is primarily home to Bardu elders and families with very young children.  The Bards are a nomadic nation within the T'chailldom, Daara, Northaeron, and the Beisadom, and the town's government reflects this.  They are governed by the di'portheai, ("ten people") which is sometimes refered to as the "Women's Coucil" by T'chaillishmen.  This is an elected council, consisting of nine Bardu elders and one honorary T'chaillish woman.

Traditionally, Bardu women will return to Dubardell to give birth but will take to the road as soon as they are able to do so.  Most Bardu children are raised by their fathers, who are considered more appropriate field labourers and guardians of the hearth than women.  Children may recieve a few years of teaching within the town but usually join their mothers as soon as they are able to do so.  The majority of their schooling comes from their parents and from songs and stories they pick up on the road.  T'chaillish-Bardu children usually return to Dubardell for testing at age 16 when their knowledge of the ancient telen and leii is tested and they become full Bards.