The drut'ch is a shallow bowl or cup with two handles.  They are frequently used in T'chaillish religious ceremonies, especially by followers of Zidaan or Aetha.

Aethaan SharoiEdit

The aethaan sharoi is a special cup that is filled with wine for the goddess during worship.  These drut'chen are usually made of pewter or silver and may be engraved with Bardu symbols or inlaid with precious gems.  Among the poor, wooden drut'chen are more common and are frequently made out of maple.  

During religious worship, an acolytle or lesser priestess pours white wine into the cup, being careful to touch only the handles.  She then hands In the high priestess, who places the drut'ch on an altar or somewhere that the moon can shine upon it.  Thus, the goddess is symbolically welcomed to the temple.  Following the ceremony, the wine is considered blessed and may be used to purify people or objects.

During as funeral rights, the cup is filled with water.  This symbolizes the deceased's journey accross the waters of the night sky.