Belantos is a small nation on the western shore of Amlan. They are a culturally diverse people, more prone to fighting amongst themselves than making war on the outside. In part, this is due to the Kol'asan Mountains, which form a natural boundary between the Belantines and the various nations to the east.

Geography Edit

Belantos is a bit of a geographic oddity: a long strip of coastline containing no fewer than five different ecosystems and countless islands, it is cut off from potential trading partners by taiga to the north, mountains to the east, and desert to the west. Despite the relative ease of reaching Belantine cities by coast, it is difficult for any one government to have total control of the region, which may explain its people's fractious nature.

Ethnic Heritage Edit

The three most populous ethnicities in Belantos are the Shen, the Nu-Hai, and the Zan (formerly Zanskine) though the deliniation between ethnic groups is not always clear and many Belantines can trace their ancestry to all three. It is unclear whether the Shen or the Nu-Hai were the region's original inhabitants, but it is generally believed that the Zan are the newest arrivals, arriving as conquerors from Daara as late as five thousand years ago. Belantine is not a proper name but rather a T'chaillish bastardization of Belantosu (Bardu for "People of the Serpent") a catch all name of unclear origins.